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Education App for Sale

mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @
I have a kids education App which I want to sell. Below is the link to the free version. I also have a No Ads version

The app is very nice for kids to learn ABC. Has audio, poems, tracing and a simple game.

The app has a lot of potential if more features can be added but I want to see if I can sell it as i need to focus on other apps.

Please PM me to discuss more details. I am open for the price as I have no idea how much this should go for.

I can transfer the app to your itunes account and send over the source code as well.


  • mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @

    The app currently has no backend. The data is embedded in the app.

    I can transfer the app to your itunes account as well as send you the code. You do not need to make any changes you can keep the app running in current condition if you like it.

    Currently I am open to offer. The app has a lot of potential but i have not been able to focus on the app. The free version has admob integrated. The paid version has No Ads. Feature set is exactly the same for both the apps the only different is paid has no ads.

    Numbers from Admob As of July 10 2013

    Last 7 Days 35,873 impressions $13.91 Revenue
    Last 30 Days 157,182 impressions $65.71 Revenue
    Last 90 Days 488,672 impressions $209.67 Revenue
    Year to Date 898,501 impressions $427.13 Revenue

    Let me know if you need anything else. The above numbers are without any marketing done and most are through natural downloads. If someone can spend some time marketing on this this app has potential.
  • mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @
    edited September 2013
    This app I am selling is a single sale only. So we will not be selling multiple copies of this. Only to a single person and the app on our itunes account will be transferred to your itunes account. You will get the source code so you can then modify the modify the Admob account and resubmit the app.

    The asking price is $399. As i mentioned this is a 1 time sale.
    If you want me to update the admob id to point to your admob and resubmit the app it will cost additional $50
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  • mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @
    Numbers from Admob As of September 23 2013

    Last 7 Days 32,488 impressions $22.01 Revenue
    Last 30 Days 145,276 impressions $102.69 Revenue
    Last 90 Days 454,186 impressions $258.54 Revenue
    Year to Date 1,276,8851 impressions $650.85 Revenue

    If you are in the education apps field or in the education industry then you can market this app a lot better than I do which is almost nothing. This app has a lot of potential and the price is really a throw away price considering you get the app ready and running as soon as its transferred to your account.
  • mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @
    Hi All

    Just updating this old thread as I am still getting some inquiries regarding this.

    I decided not to sell this app and rather build on it and improve the downloads so it can be used to market the other apps that i launch. And this has worked fairly well.

    I can however make custom apps using some of my existing apps if someone is interested. Please contact me with your idea and I can provide a quote. I have a team of more than 10 iOS and Android developers.

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