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Sell ​​source code + art + mobile rights to several of our flash games

conmerconmer RussiaPosts: 4New Users Noob
edited July 2013 in Code For Sale
Hello everyone!

Maybe someone is interested in our offer.

We are a small company previously involved in the development of flash games.
We suggest you purchase the source code (AS3) + Art + mobile rights to release some of our flash games.

These games:
Game «Fruits» - released in August 2012 - has played about 12 ml. (China 10%). The average time a gaming session 13 min.
Game «Go robots!» - Released in October 2012 - has played about 6 ml. (China 15%). The average time a gaming session 9 min.
Game «Help Me!» - Released in July 2012 - has played about 9 ml. (China 7%). The average time a gaming session 11 min.
Game «Magic Safari» - released in April 2012 - has played about 10 ml. (China 5%). The average time a gaming session 14 min.

The cost of one game from the $3k. We can also help find those who are porting these games to the mobile OS.

My e-mail:yury(at)conmergamestudios(dot)com
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