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Selling KingTut High Quality Casino Game

forcesteelerforcesteeler Posts: 193Registered Users @ @
edited August 2013 in Code For Sale
Selling a Full Casino Game Called King Tut.

This is a High Quality Game

Asking for $300.00 (I Accept Paypal) Email me at



This Game Cost about $15,000 Dollars to Develop, You can Save Tons of Money and Months of Development Time.

Everything is Complete


  • dinglefacedingleface Posts: 182New Users @ @
    Lol this code is available everywhere for $89, sometimes less. Plus it sucks cuz it scales up graphics to fit iphone 5 which means it looks likes s***. This game wouldn't cost anyone $15k to make unless yer a sucker. This code has been cloned 977655432 times already, it's all over the appstore.

    I highly doubt you have resale rights on this code either.

    Please no one buy this, you'll be sorry. If you really want it go to and pay $80 for it like everyone else.
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