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$500 for 10 games!

Jerry19234Jerry19234 Posts: 5New Users Noob
edited October 2013 in Code For Sale

Here are all my games:

Original prices:
Doodle Kart: $300 (
Turtle Fly: $200 (
Turtles Huh: $200 (
DoodleBoy: $150 (
Doodle Fly: $150 (
Doodle Evil Fly:$150 (
Doodle Flight: $100 (
Puzzle 26: $50 (
Minesweeper: $50 (
A Guess: $50 (!/id323465952?mt=8)

Original price is $1400. Now I'm selling $500!!!
My games are still doing good in revenue recently. You may wonder why I sell all my games in such a cheap price. Since I need money urgently due to my personal reasons. When I get enough money, I'll cancel this offer.

Before coming to a deal, let's see how amazing are my games:

Part of earnings from Turtles Huh(around $55k including IAPs and other ad networks):

Turtle Fly: Top Free #1

Doodle Fly: Top Free #1

Doodle Kart: Top Free #2, Top Paid #32

Turtles Huh: Top Free #7

All games are written in cocos2d. All games are iPhone 5 support. All are iOS7 compatible. Doodle Kart is iPad support, more are coming soon!

Some of the games in app store haven't updated for a long time. But the source codes you get from me are updated. If you need promo codes, feel free to ask me.

Each source code contains one license for reskinning. You must change all the graphics, musics and sounds in the game.

Q: When will this offer be lasted for?
A: Once I get enough money, I'll cancel this offer. This offer is for limited time only. Maybe 1 month, or 2 weeks.

Q: I'm interested. Do they support iPad?
A: At this moment, only Doodle Kart supports iPad. But I will make others to support iPad soon.

Q: Will I get updates in the future?
A: Yes. I'll send you any updates free of charge.

Q: Will you help me to reskin?
A: Yes. But I'll handle the programming part only. Since I'm very familiar with my own codes, I can reskin fast and charge lesser than other developers.

If you're interested, contact me via PM or email:


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