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Several Apps For Sale

aamontreeaamontree Posts: 17New Users *
I am selling the source code to a few of my apps. I am willing to negotiate prices and rights to the complete apps (i.e. I transfer the app to your iTunes Connect account). The source code does not include images; however, if we were to reach a deal regarding the sale of the complete rights of any of these apps, the images would be included with the sale. If you are interested in any of these apps please PM me and/or email me at

Blow Whistle $100-
While this is the most basic of apps that I have created, it's generated the vast majority of the revenue I have seen. (About $2400 in the past year alone).

iBus App Template $150-
I have used this boilerplate code to create apps for several transit systems. The one I have linked to is for the MBTA transit system. If you look at my developer page in iTunes you can view this other "iBus" apps that have been created using this source code.

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto V $50
This app is still in the review process for the App Store. It uses a SQLite3 database in order to display cheats/achievements/etc for different games. It is scalable and could easily be re-skinned to work for to all sorts of video games. Because this app is not yet available in the app store, if you are interested I can send you screenshots and/or a video of it functioning.

Rate My Friends $200
A simple "Hot or Not" app that I had rejected from the App Store because of its nature. It allows users to sign in with Facebook and rate friends on a 1-10 scale that they might be interested in (male/female/both) depending on their Facebook profile information. This app uses Parse as a backend. If you are interested I can send you screenshots of the app and/or a video of it functioning.
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