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Selling Unity source code project for $100 for re-skin : 2D top down run forever game. iOS + Android

maccyfinmaccyfin Posts: 315Registered Users @ @
Hey all. I'm selling my unity 3D Accelerate X5 project source code for re-skinning. It's built for iOS and Android using unity and the currency version monetizes through admob and chartboost ads. It's $100 and includes an unlimited re-skin license, meaning you can re-skin this source code as many times as you like to release new games. If you're interested please send me an email on

Here's a link to a game on google play using the latest version of the Accelerate X5 source code:

And here's a video talking about the revenue and ARPU (average revenue per user):

Best regards





  • maccyfinmaccyfin Posts: 315Registered Users @ @
    Hey all, this game is now in version 6. In this version you can add multiple level backgrounds as shown in the screenshots. The game is also available for download on iOS now. Here's the link:

    Please email me on if you're interested in purchasing the source code or if you have any questions.

    All the best

  • maccyfinmaccyfin Posts: 315Registered Users @ @
    Hey all. Just posting some update revenue stats for the accelerate X unity source code on iOS, google, and amazon. The downloads are quite low as we're not marketing this game at the moment. But it still bring in a few dollars revenue each day. Let me know what you think :)

    You can email me on if you would like to purchase the source code for $100. It also include admob for monetisation.




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