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14 Language Study Apps ($300+ revenue / Month)

alexeiralexeir USA, New YorkPosts: 50New Users @
edited December 2014 in Code For Sale

Starting bid is $1500. Send me your offer as private message


This is a set of 14 applications to study 6 different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian). All apps are based on powerful language study engine so you can easily make new apps to study new languages (Dutch, Chinese, Polish or any other). All you need is to replace "txt" files with new translated words.

Also you can easily localize existing apps to any other language. For example "German, French, Spanish, Italian" apps are localized to English and Russian languages. But you can add support of different languages just adding new text file with translation of app interface controls (buttons, screens etc) So you can create apps to study every language in the world for people of any country.


1) German Language (Paid + Free versions)

2) French Language (Paid + Free versions)

3) Italian Language (Paid + Free versions)

4) Spanish Language (Paid + Free versions)

5) Russian Language (Paid + Free versions)

6) English Language in Russian Localization (Paid + Free). 2 App versions with different names and keywords. I did this trick for Appstore optimization. Thus it's the most profitable app today.


Today overall revenue is $300 per month. Revenue is stable and increasing from month to month.

90% comes from ads (Admob + Chartboost)

10% Paid installs in Appstore

You can find revenue proof here


All apps will be transferred to your Itunes Connect account. You will get all copyrights for these apps (complete business transfer) You will be the new owner of this business.

Listing is not cheap so I can sign agreement of transferring rights to you if need or do everyting for that transaction be transparent and reliable.

You will get source code and graphics in PSD of all these apps with setup manual of how to configure ads with your account. 90% of revenue comes from ads (Chartboost + Admob)


• Source code is well structured and error free.

• Universal app. Supports all available devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

• Supports iOS 8

• Supports 4 Advertising Networks ( Chartboost, RevMob, Playhaven, Admob )

• Supports Localization to any Language

• Supports App Font control

• Feature to promote your another apps!


Need money to buy a car
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