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Skills Swap - UI/UX Designer looking for iOS Pro Dev

ArtizerArtizer Posts: 11New Users *
Hi Everybody,

I'm a French UI/UX Designer with a nice portfolio, i developped on iOS since my lost hours (I'm pretty good at the UI integration in xcode) and i'm looking for a pro iOS dev for correct my code, and to help me in my many app projects!

BE CAREFULL, i'm looking for someone serious, honest and fair ! Newbies go your way!

I'm able to create an UI from "A to Z" and create an innovative UX !

I'm looking for a long-term collaboration, see a partnership!

I can provide links to my works without any problem by PM.

I'm a serious, and honest, and very demanding person!
I like perfection even if it does not exist. Work "Pixel perfect" is my strength !

Notice to iOS Dev, be aware that application still sells better when it has a UI and Icon quality!

I'm waiting for your MP
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