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Crash only on 7.0.4

GoPoGoPo parisPosts: 4New Users Noob
edited July 2014 in Help Wanted
Hello everyone,

( sorry for my not perfect english )

I've an application on the AppStore, which is working great so far, but there is a bug...

Apparently the bug is Happening on the 7.0.4 iOS version and I cannot try it.

I wonder if one of you has the version 7.0.4 and could try the app and send me the crash log report.

I could either send the app via TestFlight ( that will let me give you another version to see if the bug is fixed ) or download the app on the AppStore.

The crash is happening either when you open the app or when you press start on the first view.

AppStore link :

If you desire to help me deeper a TestFlight version will be more efficient.

Thank you for your reading and perhaps your help !

Best regards,

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