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iOS Developer for #1 Best Place to Work in HealthCare

MariyaDMariyaD New YorkPosts: 2New Users Noob
Our team is filled with developers who wanted to do more meaningful work. Here your code can save lives. CipherHealth helps hospitals with patient engagement, to improve their experience and their health outcome.

We like a clean process: TDD/BDD, pairing, code-reviews, continuous-integration, QA. This, and fun things like a ball-pit, a gym, a cotton-candy machine, a house in LA, a beach-house in the summer, etc. etc. led to us being selected as the #1 Place to Work by Modern Healthcare.

The ideal candidate:

has 3-5 years experience building iOS applications
loves to communicate clearly and frequently
has strong work ethic and interpersonal skills
learns something new every day
dreams in Objective-C
has experience integrating with ruby on rails applications
has a highly curated homescreen
is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver for the client
thrives independently and as part of a team
is available to work in our NYC office

Please apply by sending your resume and cover letter to
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