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New Social Media App Idea, Need IOS developer help!

whaddupthowhadduptho Las VegasPosts: 1New Users Noob
Society seems to have a need to be connected. Nowadays people are so curious to know what people are doing, with whom, and where at all times. I have a great idea for a new social media app that can answer those questions!

My idea has plenty of potential to be used as an everyday tool for multiple purposes to the average person. So far I only have a vision and the idea for overall purpose of the app, but I need people who can make them into a reality. I would also like to bounce ideas off of people with experience in making social media apps that could help enhance the design and development.

I already have the perfect name and marketing pitch for the app that will definitely work, especially in today's world. I don't want to get into great detail about the idea until I have found the right person/people for the job (Must sign NDA).

I need the app to be able to perform basic social media duties:
- create post, via message, picture, and/or video for a given period
- ability to add "friends"
- access to GPS location

Sounds like the basic social media app, but I do have a few modern twists that I have not disclosed that has not been implemented yet which makes it different than the rest, but an excellent addition for the social media fiend.

I don't have a deadline, but the sooner the better. I believe this app has potential to be the next big thing. So if someone else takes the idea before us, well then we lost our chance.

I don't have too big of a budget so I'm not trying to just hire someone, but become more of business partners and split the ownership of the app. I can only offer so much now, but if the app is a success as I predict we might be the next big thing.

I'm mostly looking for someone in the West Coast, primarily in Las Vegas, so we could work side by side. But I don't mind doing skype calls and other means of communication.

If you are interested please inbox and we can discuss some details. Thanks!
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