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Unity 3D / 2D Developer Job - Work from home ($500 USD + 5% bonus) - Build for iOS and Android

ordealordeal BangladeshPosts: 18New Users *
Hey guys. We're now looking to hire a new Unity 2D/3D developer to work with us remotely. We're offering $500 USD per month + 5% bonus. Here's the video and details below. Catch us on email if you're interested in applying.

Unity developer job available $500 USD per month + 5% bonus

- Work from anywhere at home. Virtual studio.
- $500 USD per month + 5% bonus.


- Good knowledge of unity 3d and at least 2 years experience.
- Can build 2d / 3d games for Android and iOS platforms. Will need test devices.
- Have published games on some app stores such as google / iTunes / amazon and can provide links in your resume. Send picture
- Can integrate in-app purchase SDKs and ad network SDKs in to games.
- Be able to create basic art work using Photoshop. We can also purchase art packs.
- Be able to create games quickly. Our target is 3 small games per month. You will need to create the games fully yourself from start to finish including all code, art, sound, testing etc.
- Good English speaking and writing ability.
- Good internet connection.

- Working with our publishing manager, not directly with me.

Please send your resume, game links, and background experience to and cc me on



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