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Developers or Interns Wanted

LooN3yLooN3y Posts: 177Registered Users @ @
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Our company WinFashion is software company that provides global ERP solutions to fashion, accessories, and jewelry manufacturers. We have been in established in 1994, or main product is our ERP System which also offers many modules (EDI, Scan & Pack, CC Processing, etc, etc) and other products like iOS & Android Apps, Wholesale (B2B) & Retail (B2C) E-Commerce websites.

Im currently looking for an iOS developer/intern that would have an opportunity on working on existing projects and new. Preferably in the Los Angeles or New York area.

(If you are not an Intern, some of these things will not pertain to you)

We're looking for programmers that knows one or more of the following requirements:

- Basic Concept of Object Oriented Programming
- Basic Knowledge in Cosmetic Standards (Consistency of the look, theme and color)
- When to create and use classes (classes should be created that it can easily be integrated with other projects)
- Core Graphics
- Core Data
- Integrating APIs, SDKs, & Components (Example: Scandit, LineaPro SDK, etc etc)
- SQLite/SQL Database experience
- XML & JSON Webservice experience

Not every skill is required but these are some of the skill sets that are required.

What you're expected to learn:

- Product Management + Quality Assurance
- Testing both Front-End & Back-End (Sending data from App to ERP/Database)
- International experience with our overseas office or our client's offices and factories
- System Implementation for large sized companies (200+ employees or $100,000,000 companies)
- Training & Development Management (How to develop (software) or train (clients) in an efficient and timely manner to meet deadlines)
- Customer Support (how to handle clients and resolve situations in a professional manner)

Product Management and Q&A, Testing and troubleshooting with both Front End software and back end database, international experience working with our overseas office or our client's overseas offices and factories, system implementation for large sized companies (200+ employees or $100,000,000 companies), training & development management (part of implementation and how you execute in a efficient and timely manner), how to recognize and meet project deadlines, customer support and how to handle clients, and much more.

Also, if you have friends that are skilled in other languages and platforms, feel free to have them contact me. We are also looking for individuals with experience in PowerBuilder, .NET, Java, and PHP. Basic customer support inquiries are also accepted (non-programming tasks).

Please let me know if you are interested, because of spam and security purposes.

Do not post your reply here. It is not allowed per the board rules and will be deleted. Therefore, contact us via a PM.
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