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Request for App Development on Interesting Project

GantryWorksGantryWorks NYCPosts: 1New Users Noob
GantryWorks is looking to partner with developers to innovate and create smartphone apps for users that mount their smartphone above their TV or computer monitor. GantryWorks is a designer of smartphone accessories. TellyMount by GantryWorks is a smartphone holder that positions a smartphone above a TV or computer monitor. The product is purely mechanical and has no electronic components. TellyMount was originally intended to allow users to video call on TV by first launching a video calling app on their phone (such as Skype) and then mirroring their phone to TV using Apple TV. By positioning the smartphone above the TV, TellyMount creates proper camera angle and eye contact with video callers. GantryWorks is now looking for additional apps, even if unrelated to video calling, that benefit by having a smartphone positioned above a TV or computer monitor. The nature of the partnership can be as simple as cross-promotion or, in certain cases, an investment. Interested parties should email with their proposed app. For more information on TellyMount, visit

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