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q8blogq8blog kuwaitPosts: 2New Users Noob
edited February 2016 in Help Wanted
hi all

i have list of lessons on web site and each lessons has pdf file for it , so i want to download the list of lessens to the uitable in view controller 2 and if user select the wanted lessens it will take him to view controller 3 with pdf lesson been displayed on uiwebview , once the app is lunch i want the code to check for the latest updated and download it to the app , if the app is offline it should keep using the latest downloaded files .

Now there are three view controllers .
one : main page
second : with uitable list of lessens
third :with the web view display and back button

i hope this clear if not let me know .

if can do that give your email id , thank you .

Please do not reply to this thread. PM me for details.

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