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Looking for Unity 3D developer to do iOS and Android games - $500 per month, then $700 after 2 month

ordealordeal BangladeshPosts: 18New Users *
Hey everyone,

Cobalt Play Games is now looking to hire a new Unity 3D developer to build iOS and Android games. We need someone who has experience in publishing games on these platforms and can do both 2D and 3D games. Initially you would be working on 3D car racing games so having experience in this area would be beneficial. Here's some other points:
[*] - Must be able to work from home online.
[*] - Have an Android and iOS device to test on.
[*] - Pay will be $500 USD per month for the first 2 months probation period, and then up to $700 USD after probation. We will also do a salary review after 6 months.
[*] - We're mainly looking for younger developers in the middle East / South East Asia area. But anyone can apply.
[*] - Must be able to speak and write fluently in English.
[*] - Must have published games on to iOS and Google play.
[*] - Be familiar with ad networks SDKs like chartboost, applovin etc.
[*] - Be familiar with in-app purchase SDKs and put IAP in-game.
[*] - Be able to create your own basic 2D / 3D art work. Or be able to integrate art work packages in games for example art packs from the unity asset store.

If you're interested send an email to and cc
Please include screenshots, your resume, and links to your published games.

Note: Only apply if the salary level is sufficient to support you.

Best regards


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