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Looking for a Head of Technology - App development for innovative marketing and sales start-up

smmjeffreysmmjeffrey LondonPosts: 1New Users Noob
Steppr is a new and innovative marketing & sales platform for local businesses. We are expanding our team in this early-stage startup (which currently consists of both co-founders), including looking for an app developer to head up the technology development of the business.

REQUIRED: ability/experience with Android OR iPhone app development; available 3-4 days to work per week; London-based

PREFERABLE: ability/experience with both Android AND iPhone app development; available full time

We are offering an equity stake to a developer, and a salary would be paid once we become cash generative or obtain external investment.

Where we are: we have conducted and analysed extensive market and customer research, and have been developing the business plan, its viability and requirements, and the financials (revenue and costing projections). More recently, we have been establishing relationships with local businesses, and validated the concept with the use of retailer feedback.

Please email: or
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