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App Developer seeking experienced Unity 2D Publisher/Producer as "Mentor" on hourly basis

thebinaryfamilythebinaryfamily Posts: 29New Users @
edited June 2016 in Help Wanted
We are a small but professional app developer, currently preparing for the relaunch of our iOS trivia game “Knowledge Trainer” ( using Unity 2D for the first time.

To assist us with this new and exciting journey, we are looking for an independent and experienced Unity publisher who can be our mentor from day one. Not a programmer, but rather a person who has explored a variety of different platforms and app stores, and is currently an expert at multi-platform Unity publishing.

Have you published several Unity projects with a focus on phones, tablets, PC's, TV devices, as well as consoles in the past? Were you in a position with a general overview of the complete production process? Did you also take care of professional placements in different App Stores; and have you succeeded in getting featured in some of those?

In that case, we would love to hear from you and ask you to be our Unity & multi-platform mentor on an hourly basis. While we have a limited budget, we will make an effort to reimburse you fairly – you will get to know us as an agile and curious, international team working all over Europe, and in South Africa.

If you think you can help us on our journey, please contact Roland Albertson at The first things we would love to receive from you are: references for your current Unity projects; and links on where we can find and download those on different platforms.

the binary family
Berlin – Cape Town
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