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iOS App Dev Needed for various updates (Object C, Xcode)

tresweettresweet San DiegoPosts: 2New Users Noob
edited October 2016 in Help Wanted
Hey everyone, I am looking for a dev that can help with various small to medium sized edits to my existing app that is currently in the App Store.

A little about the app:
My app is a fun and easy iOS application that lets users order photos directly from their device. My company prints and ships there photos. The app is fairly basic, at the moment it allows a user to select photos, crop them, and then checkout.

Currently I am using PayPal's API to handle payment processing and ShipStation's API to capture order info for order tracking.

What I want to do:
• Improve the GUI in various spots (minor tweaking)
• Update email html that gets sent from the app
• Adjust for, or create iPad version
• Explore ways to offer other products
• Add Apple Pay to speed up the checkout process.
• Create web based version of the app (to allow for order via the web)

If this sounds like something thats in your skill set, please send inquires to and we can discuss the project further.
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