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[$150 CAD] AVFoundations Compression

biff_tannenbiff_tannen CanadaPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi All:

I'm looking to hire anyone who has experience with AVFoundations for what would be a quick job for them. I'm just looking for someone to add in some video compression to my code. I need to reduce the file-size of the recordings in my app, as they are massive for even 2-3 seconds of video/audio. Basically what I'm after is snapchat quality video/audio with the same compressed size as snapchat - because we know that we aren't using 90MB of our data everytime we upload a video on snapchat.

Quick Explanation: - My app records video using AVFoundation and then uploads it to Firebase Storage. The problem is that the size of the recorded videos are ridiculously large and I am seeking a way to compress while maintaining fair quality but low file size. Snapchat would be great as a benchmark.

The furthest I myself have personally gone is trying out AVCaptureSessionPresetHigh, Medium and Low. Unfortunately these aren't solutions and one must go further to accomplish this.

So if anyone has solved or dealt with this before and wants to make an easy $150 then please download the code and see what you can do.

Please download my demo code here where you can see exactly what i'm doing. The attached code is simply the recording code along with the upload to firebase code so it will cut straight to the chase for you. If you want to test this, you probably have to replace the firebase certificate and upload URL with your own.


Thanks a lot all!
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