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Senior iOS Developer - Switzerland

avacanisavacanis PolandPosts: 1New Users Noob

are you looking to work in beautiful Switzerland? Keep reading.

Once upon a time there was a small, specialized and focused on quality company. They are settled close to lake, 10 breathtaking minutes by train from the mighty city of Zurich.

And they feel incomplete.

That is why they are looking for a similar-minded person who will join them in every day challenges. Shortly? They are looking for a geek. Do you feel like one?

The geek needs to know few things, not only geeking. Those things are:
  • Experience with developing native iOS apps
  • Objective C, Swift
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • English language and German language (B1-B2 at least)

Are you up for a challenge of saving this company? Great. Contact me at:
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