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Looking for Local Developer - NYC

tcontetconte New YorkPosts: 1New Users Noob
edited March 8 in Help Wanted
Hi there. My partner and I are working on a fintech startup and need a qualified developer in order to bring our vision to life. We want to be able to work alongside with the developer and therefore we're looking only for local developer within the New York region.

We have the concept and all visuals for the application developed through Sketch and animated on Flinto. We got an exact representation of what we would like it to look and function like. We are looking for a someone that would be willing to stick around for the life of the application to maintain it and continue developing and expanding it.

My partner and I are looking for the following:

- Experience in Swift programming language
- Knowledge of API Integration ( Knowing PLAID API is a plus! )
- Cloud-based real-time firebase Server: AWS
- Experience creating mobile applications
- Integrating smooth animations throughout app UI
- Integrating User accounts into the application and
- creating/ saving new user accounts into the database
- Front end/ Back end development

If you want to contact me directly, please email:

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