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Need iOS developer for quick upgrade of existing Apple app OR conversion from Android

dburkdburk USPosts: 1New Users Noob
4 years ago I developed an Android (Java) and Apple (Objective C) to allow users to perform a relatively simple calculation that has a about 26-30 inputs. The calculations are the easy part; not surprisingly the hard part has been creating the user interface to be as user-proof as possible. The Android and Apple apps have not required any updates until this year. The underlying calculations only changed mildly but the user inputs changed requiring a redesign of a couple of views.

I'm very comfortable with the Android environment and finished the conversion for Android. Because my experience with Apple has been much more limited, even with the screen designs done for Android and even with the logic completed for Android, there's a significant re-learning curve that I'd like to avoid.

If I could find someone with lots of iOS programming experience in either Objective C or Swift (I don't care which one is used for the development), I'm guessing that the conversion from Android to Apple would be relatively quick, especially since the prior version of the Apple app (with a very similar user interface) already exists.

Once completed, I'll take over modifications as the calculations may be revised. This is really a short term task that I'm guessing would be very quick for someone who actually knows the environment.

Please PM me if interested. This will all happen with a very quick turnaround. Thanks!!!
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