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10 Promo codes for new app SortMyDocs

jvpythonjvpython Posts: 59Registered Users @
I have just released a brand new universal app on the App Store designed to make file management on iOS simpler and more flexible.
App Store link:

Here are 15 promo codes for SortMyDocs:


Full description:

Easily yet safely save and/or create a wide variety of documents and order them as you like using many customisable options for quick and easy access at the fingertip using SortMyDocs.

With SortMyDocs you can:

1/ Create, organise and order folders, sub folders and files the way you like and easily customise them.

2/ Save or create directly in SortMyDocs:
- Text, Office, iWork or PDF documents
- Images from your gallery, camera or screenshot from a web page or your favourite app
- Audio and video documents
- Web pages for offline access

This means that now any information you may need (be it family photos, interesting articles, maps, bus or work time schedules, airplanes tickets, recipes, TV programs, pearls of wisdom and whatever else you like) can be accessed at once from your device.
As you can order those documents under customised folders, this makes it easy to retrieve what you need quickly even if the pressure is on.

3/ Attach personal notes to any of these documents and know when a document contains a note.

4/ Use the search engine to quickly locate any file/folder you need.

5/ Use an optional password if you want to protect your data.

6/ Share documents with friends etc.

7/ SortMyDocs comes with preloaded folders to make it easier to start using it. You can then edit or delete these folders and create as many new ones as you want.

Email us at if you have any feedback regarding the app.

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