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iOS Indie-Fishing game with beautiful graphics and simple but unique controls

aignettiaignetti germanyPosts: 2New Users Noob

i would like to tell you about my new game which was released December 22nd on the iOS Appstore.

About the game:
This is a game about a young boy who wants to become a fishermen. His grandfather told stories of unique fish species which live in the most beautiful locations on earth, but hardly anyone believes the old man. So the young boy decides to start a journey and to catch all those fishes so that he can proof that his grandfather was telling the truth.

App-Icon / Screenshots:

What is different in this game compared to all the other fishing games on the Appstore?

- Simple and realistic controls
The controls in other fishing games are either not realistic or the controls are realistic but complicated. Did you see a fish which can be caught by just touching his skin? Or do you cast a fishing rod by touching it once? In this game the player can cast the fishing rod by moving his phone the right way - like he would move his fishing rod. Also the fishes can be caught by tilting and moving the phone - so it is very simple, but hard to master.

- Unique fish species
In this game it is not about fishing some trouts. The fish species the young boy has to discover on his journey are very unusual. The only person who seems to know those species is his grandfather, no other person has seen those fishes before. Some of them look like fire, some other look like a rainbow. They are very unique but a beautiful result of the locations they live in.

- Beautiful locations
The young boy has to discover 5 unique and beautiful locations on his journey so that he can catch all the fish species his grandfathers stories were about. The locations have much variety - some examples are: a hot land near an active volcano, or a hidden and secret river inside a cave, or a secret sea hidden between high mountains.

- Story / „Game-feel"
Most other fishing games do not have any story and they are based on action and In-App purchases. This game is a beautiful, simple and relaxing game with a lovely story and atmospheric sounds. It is much more like real fishing, even though the fish species are unusual and special. There are no In-App purchases, buy it once and play it how often you want.

Additional informations about the game:
Price: 0,99 $
In-App Purchase: No
Size: 167 MB
Release-Date: December 22nd, 2016
Link to the Appstore:

5x Promo-Codes:

Best regards
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