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reduce spending on mobile internet: Download Meter for WiFi/EDGE/3G/GPRS promo codes

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Ready to get control of your spending on mobile Internet? Then it is time to get money saver - Download Meter for WiFI, EDGE, 3G, GPRS , an app to measure and track traffic - the amount of data your iPhone/iPod transfers from and to the Internet while surfing websites, watching YouTube, checking email, researching maps, or playing online games.

Measuring traffic allows you to control your expenses on your connectivity by not exceeding the limits of data you can transfer for free per your cell phone plan or traffic allowed by your WiFi plan.

And if you are roaming, every megabyte of your traffic costs you at least $2! Download Meter is a must to use when you travel abroad.

You can also estimate your needs in traffic before traveling abroad and estimate your expenses. In addition to measuring mobile Internet traffic, Download Meter tracks WiFi traffic, which is useful when you are visiting cafes or restaurants that have traffic limits in their free WiFi network (as in some Eastern countries).

Traffic is measured by independent counters - so you can measure traffic for a current month, current day, current location, for each of your traffic-intensive apps and so on.

Works on OS 2.1 and above, iPhone 2G and above, iPad and iPod too. It has native support for iPad (works full screen on iPad).

It's available in 9 languages and requires no internet connection.

The home page of Download Meter for iphone has manual and screenshots in 8 languages, video introduction in English, and iTunes link.

iTunes Link

12 Promo codes

Please give the app a 5 star review and positive feedback!

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Download Meter for GPRS/EDGE/3G and WiFi - track your internet traffic and reduce expenses on mobile internet, especially while abroad.


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