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QR Code in ios 7

I need to develop a QR code reader for my company that im working for.

Lets say i have a QR image that is a text. Usually a normal QR reader it will open up a notepad with the decoded text.

Is it possible that instead of notepad appears, i need the text to be stored in the phone as NSUserdefaults text. How can i do so.

currently im using this code
to read the QR image.

Im ok with third party codes if available


  • givensurgivensur On the Information SuperhighwayPosts: 541Registered Users @ @ @
    You can do whatever you want with the text. It's just an NSString. You can display it, you can save it to a file, you can save it to NSUserDefaults, you can make a PDF with it, you can send it in a message, you can send it in an email, you can put it in a label and make it purple and have it fly around the screen doing flips. It's just an NSString.

    What do you mean you want it stored as "NSUserdefaults text"? Are you saying you want to save it in NSUserDefaults? Because that's pretty easy.

    I found this NSUserDefaults tutorial with a quick google search:

    I make cake apps.
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