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How to Push viewcontroller from bottom of UITableViewCell while Expanding

nsandeep440nsandeep440 hyderabadPosts: 1New Users Noob

I haven't been able to find any examples of this online. How can I achieve the following effect? Instead of the standard slide-to-left effect when tapping a table row, I'd like the view controller transition animation to look like the following:

1. User taps a cell in the table
2.The cell starts growing to fill the screen, pushing other rows above and below it "offscreen".
3. As the cell grows, cells elements (text, etc.) cross-fade into the new view's contents until the new view completely fills the screen. This new view should populate from bottom of the selected tableviewcell (not from bottom of UITableView or UIViewController).

So fa i have acheived to expand the scelected to full screen (as stated in point 1 & 2) , but point 3 is not yet acheived. Any idea to do this animation effect or post some solutions. please ask if any code is required to understand what i have done till now.
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