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Weird iPhone SDK forum

dickthedevdickthedev Posts: 214Registered Users @ @
Hi I am not sure where to put this post so I put it here.

After submitted a post, I realized I made a typo, so I went to edit post to correct it. But once I click Save, I get a message like this:

"You have posted 1 times within 60 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 600 seconds before attempting to post again."

Why is that? Why bother to have a edit feature than?


  • UIUsUIUs Posts: 181Moderators Admin
    That annoying message is there for a reason. It is to prevent a spammer from machinegunning multiple spam posts and irate posters from harassing other members with too many posts. Unfortunately it also has the effect you just noted. It's a small price to pay to keep this board spam free.
  • dickthedevdickthedev Posts: 214Registered Users @ @
    Sadly there are too many damn spammers and the legit users has to pay for the price! :(
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