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Detect touch on SCNNode in ARKit

AlanR917AlanR917 Posts: 66Registered Users @
edited February 18 in iOS SDK Development Forums
Hi, I have placed a SCNNode (a plane) at the location of a recognized image in ARKit 1.5 beta. I would like to print a message to the console when the plane is tapped on. So far I have this code:
// MARK: - ARSCNViewDelegate (Image detection results)
    /// - Tag: ARImageAnchor-Visualizing
    func renderer(_ renderer: SCNSceneRenderer, didAdd node: SCNNode, for anchor: ARAnchor) {

        guard let imageAnchor = anchor as? ARImageAnchor else { return }
        let referenceImage = imageAnchor.referenceImage
        updateQueue.async {

            // Create a plane to visualize the initial position of the detected image.
            let plane = SCNPlane(width: referenceImage.physicalSize.width,
                                 height: referenceImage.physicalSize.height)
            let planeNode = SCNNode(geometry: plane)
            planeNode.opacity = 0.25

             `SCNPlane` is vertically oriented in its local coordinate space, but
             `ARImageAnchor` assumes the image is horizontal in its local space, so
             rotate the plane to match.
            planeNode.eulerAngles.x = -.pi / 2

             Image anchors are not tracked after initial detection, so create an
             animation that limits the duration for which the plane visualization appears.

            // Add the plane visualization to the scene.

        DispatchQueue.main.async {
            let imageName = ?? ""
            self.statusViewController.showMessage("Detected image “\(imageName)”")

    override func touchesBegan(_ touches: Set<UITouch>, with event: UIEvent?) {
        let touch = touches.first as! UITouch
        if(touch.view == self.sceneView){
            print("touch working")
            let viewTouchLocation:CGPoint = touch.location(in: sceneView)
            guard let result = sceneView.hitTest(viewTouchLocation, options: nil).first else {
            if let planeNode = planeNode, planeNode == result.node {


But I'm getting an 'unresolved identifier' error on line 47, which I understand because planeNode is defined in the Renderer function above and is not in the right scope. My question is how to fix this, because I dont believe I can return the value in Renderer, nor can I put the touchesBegan function in the Renderer function so its in the right scope. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
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