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How does whatsapp receive multiple notification when APNS stores only one in case device is offline?

dharm_1994dharm_1994 Rajkot, Gujarat, IndiaPosts: 1New Users Noob
According to the official Apple documentation, APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) stores only the last notification if the device is offline.

Apple Push Notification Service includes a default Quality of Service (QoS) component that performs a store-and-forward function. If APNs attempts to deliver a notification but the device is offline, the QoS stores the notification. It retains only one notification per application on a device: the last notification received from a provider for that application. When the offline device later reconnects, the QoS forwards the stored notification to the device. The QoS retains a notification for a limited period before deleting it.

Then how do apps like whatsapp send messages from multiple users when the device comes online? Those messages would have been received as separate notification if device was online.
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