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Best way to change front end of app currently using XIBs?

garysalgadogarysalgado New YorkPosts: 1New Users Noob
I'm taking on a project for work to re-build a pre-existing app developed by an old employee who we don't have contact with anymore. The app currently uses a XIB file, uses images as background and the CGPoint, CGRect class to build the front end of the app. I want to abandon all of this and use a storyboard as a front end, that way it has a more common recognizable iOS app look. The app is very simple, it uses the IDTech SDK to communicate with a card-reading device plugged into the headphone jack, reads the data and then sends it to a different app using the iOS URL Scheme, that's it. I'm not very experienced so I would appreciate some pointers on the best way to go about this. Can I modify the existing XIB to use XCode storyboard UI? Should I create a storyboard file and rework the code to work with this new file? What are my options? I'm much more comfortable writing Swift code than Objective-C which is what the app mostly uses currently.

Thanks in advance!
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