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iphone development in India

merrymerry Posts: 1New Users
edited February 2010 in Help Wanted
Looking for iphone development in India.We develop best iphone applications within your cost limits.
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  • ZunePodZunePod Posts: 1,031Registered Users
    edited February 2010
    1. Punctuate it properly :
    Looking for iPhone development in India? We develop good iPhone apps within your cost limits.
    2. Don't mention your from India.

    Then people might take some notice.

    But then a again, this is a dev forum, so it's very unlikely that your gonna come across someone who came here to ask for someone to make his app.
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  • KalimbaKalimba ¿La Islas Hermosas?Posts: 2,181iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users
    edited February 2010
    ZunePod wrote: »
    1. Punctuate it properly:

    2. Don't mention your from India.
    Hypocrisy much? :confused:
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