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iPhone/iPad App Developer (York, UK)

tigermaintigermain Posts: 14Registered Users
edited November 2010 in Help Wanted
Mobile DynamiX is a growing app development business whos focus and heritage has diverted from the many years in the web industry, Whilst developing leading edge apps for a variety of SME's they are also in the process of developing their own in house solution for cross platform mobile app development.

After a successful industry migration and the development of many apps for multiple platforms and devices the Mobile DynamiX team is looking to grow further by employing one or more new team members.

If you have experience of any of the following Mobile DynamiX would love to hear about it whether its commercial or otherwise:

- Objective C
- XCode
- iPhone SDK

- Java
- Eclipse
- Android ADK

- XAML/Silverlight/WPF
- Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer
- .Net

A large part of the businesses history has been in the Web industry therefore experience of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and preferably .Net will be highly beneficial.

A knowledge of webservices and cloud based APIs would also be very relevant as they form an important part of most development projects.

Mobile DynamiX has built its reputation based upon its close relationships with their clients. Therefore any candidate must show a high level of professionalism, honesty and integrity and an passion for the mobile world.

We are currently offering 8 week internships with a hope to offer successful candidates a long term role within Mobile DynamiX

If you are not a graduate within the last 3 years we would still be interested in hearing from you.

For more information about Mobile DynamiX please visit: Home - Mobile DynamiX - App development for all platforms
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