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UIInputViewAudioFeedback Not Working

Paul SlocumPaul Slocum Posts: 414Registered Users @ @
edited May 2012 in iOS SDK Development
I'm trying to use the UIInputViewAudioFeedback protocol to get my keyboard accessory to make the keyboard sound when a button is pressed, but I get no sound.

I adopt the protocol in my interface declaration:
@interface KeyboardButton : UIView <UIInputViewAudioFeedback>

I implement enableInputClicksWhenVisible:
- (BOOL) enableInputClicksWhenVisible 
{return YES;}

And in touchesBegan I call
[[UIDevice currentDevice] playInputClick];

But I get no sound from my keyboard keys. If in touchesBegan, I replace playInputClick with the following which simply plays the keyboard sound, then I do hear the keyboard click sound:

That works, but if I don't use playInputClick then my keyboard keys won't be affected by the iOS user preference for keyboard sound on/off. Anyone have any idea why I'm not getting any sound from playInputClick? Is anyone using it successfully in iOS 5.1?


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