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Xcode crashes on opening project/target menu

architectpianistarchitectpianist Posts: 130Registered Users
edited July 2012 in iOS SDK Development
I'm running Xcode 4.3.3, and whenever I try to open the project/target menu (the one at the top of the files list) Xcode gives me the dreaded rainbow wheel, then crashes. It only happens with this one particular project. I think it might be some setting that's causing it to crash, but I haven't messed with any internal project files or anything. The project does have iCloud enabled, but that's about the only thing I changed in the project menu. Has anyone ever had this problem and fixed it, or is there any clue what may be causing this crash?


  • architectpianistarchitectpianist Posts: 130Registered Users
    Well, if anyone else has had this problem, make sure and check the Info.plist file. My particular error was that I had the CFBundleIconFiles key set up first, then I changed it to CFBundleIcons. Xcode should have changed the type to a dictionary, because CFBundleIconFiles is an array and CFBundleIcons is a dictionary, but it didn't. So Xcode opened the project menu and it crashed. Oddly enough I remember the stack trace for the crash was [some type] objectForKey... I hope this helps somebody else in the future.
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