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Need Help Urgent

obaidahmedobaidahmed Posts: 18New Users
edited July 2012 in iOS SDK Development
Hi all, I am creating drawing app for iOS, but I’m having some issues. So I’m sharing my issues here, kindly resolve these issues ASAP.

My Code:

ISSUE # 1: I want to make the transparent effect in the color (NOT USED OPACITY) to draw on image. I used CGContextSetBlendMode(context,kCGBlendModeDarken); in order to do it, but when I choose other color and draw on the previous color it overlaps. I want it not to overlap other color.

ISSUE # 2: I want to create blur in the edges of brush, so I used CGContextSetShadowWithColor (context, shadow offset, shadow blur, self.lineColor.CGColor);, but it does not give me blur effect.



I have tried UIColor ColrWithPatternImage, but no success.

ISSUE # 3: I want to add UNDO/REDO OR Eraser functionality in the code and I can find how to do this. Because the code I am using is not provided by the UNDO/REDO OR Eraser functionality.

Kindly Help Me ASAP.


  • baja_yubaja_yu San FranciscoPosts: 6,215Moderators, Registered Users Admin
    If you want someone to do the work for you, be prepared to reimburse them for it. And in that case, this belongs in the Help Wanted section.
  • Magic HandsMagic Hands Posts: 484iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users
    This is why people shouldn't outsource prog work.
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  • baja_yubaja_yu San FranciscoPosts: 6,215Moderators, Registered Users Admin
    It depends on who you find. I've heard horror stories of people hiring in-house guys as well. Problems usually happen when you have management (with no developer experience) hire developers. Then you can get a guy that talks the talks but can't walk the walk.
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