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How to App Develop with Enterprise certificate (.cer, .p12, .pem, .key)

ImajinImajin Posts: 1New Users
edited July 2012 in iOS SDK Development
Hello Community,

We are new in taking part in App Development, so we enroll for the 99$ in the iOS Dev Center. Up to here all is clear and we know how to use the iOS Dev Center and XCode to develop Apps.

But now one client ask us if we can't develop some Apps for him and use his Enterprise license. For that he gave us some files. So we got a distribution.cer, distribution.p12 (Password protected), distribution.pem and key.key file.

Here starts now my question what and how i can do with that files, that i can develop a small Demo App with his Enterprise license.

I will be really appreciation, if some one can help me and explain if with that files it is possible to develop a App or if it is impossible because of.

Thank you

Ps.: We don't belong to them Enterprise Team of my client. After installing the .cer certificate Xcode show me the info (under the TEAMS) "Unable to codesign using identities in this team: no private keys available".
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