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"symbol(s) not found for architecture i386"

brambosbrambos Posts: 14Registered Users
edited July 2012 in iOS SDK Development
[rant]Ok, I'm getting a bit irritated that every time I update my XCode my old projects stop compiling. I'm only an occasional developer and Apple's constant changing of the language is a huge detractor for me. I can still compile my 15 year old Delphi projects without problems... What's up with that, Apple?[/rant over]

Anyway.. my latest issue is that after moving to Mountain Lion/XCode 4.4. my projects stop linking with an unspecified error "symbol(s) not found for architecture i386".

The 'offending' source files/functions are simple libraries containing exceedingly basic functions like this:
// Useful.m
// Various useful functions and classes

#import "Useful.h"


void debugInt( NSString *label, int i ) {
NSLog(@%@: %d", label, i);

void debugFloat( NSString *label, float f ) {
NSLog(@%@: %f", label, f);

void debugString( NSString *label, NSString *value ) {
NSLog(@%@: %@", label, value);

void debugOut( NSString *label ) {
NSLog(@%@", label);
What am I missing? Do I need change something in my project's compiler settings?


  • brambosbrambos Posts: 14Registered Users
    Ok, answering my own question here just in case anyone else runs into this problem:

    I dragged my source files into the project overview like I always used to do. In Xcode 4.4 this DOES NOT automatically adds them to your project anymore! It just copies them to the project source folder.

    To add them to your project and make them compile correctly, find the "Target Membership" section in the Utilities bar (right hand side of the application) and check your target's checkbox for each file you've just added. This will make your project compile.

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