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HaXe vs XCode?

Arne GevaertArne Gevaert Posts: 4New Users Noob
I've been surfin' around on the web, and I've encountered this thing called HaXe. It says it's supposed to be a language that looks very much like AS3 or Java, and it enables you to program for a lot of platforms, including iOS. Now, I've got a little experience with AS3, but I don't have any sort of experience with Objective-C. Is it a good idea to start programming in HaXe? Does anyone have any experiences with HaXe for iOS? BTW, this is not for games, just for normal apps.


  • Duncan CDuncan C Posts: 9,116Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    I've heard a little about HaXe. It's a cross-development system that takes programs in it's own language, and then converts them to the native language of your target platforms. You will still need to set up Xcode on a Mac to build the code that it generates into a native app, and still learn Apple's code signing/DRM system in order to install the apps on devices or submit them to the app store.

    Such tools tend to have real limitations when you try to use them for released products. There are invariably things that they don't do, or don't do well.

    If your goal is to develop a single app for a wide range of platforms, a tool like this might be worth checking out.

    If you are just looking to avoid learning Objective C, you are probably setting yourself up for more trouble than it's worth to try to develop apps in new, not-native-on-any-platform language which gets cross-converted to native apps for your target platforms.
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  • Arne GevaertArne Gevaert Posts: 4New Users Noob
    Allright, I'm not really planning on programming for any other devices than the iPhone, so I guess that won't be the way to go for me. Is there any other alternative however that will allow me to develop in AS3 or at least an AS3-like language? Because, a lot of people are going to disagree with me here, but I like programming in FlashDevelop and AS3 a lot more for the fact that it's way more straightforward. In FlashDevelop, you have complete control, you make all the code and you know all the code, while in XCode the compiler does a lot more "behind your back", which is normally a good thing, but I like the straightforwardness (is that a word?) of FlashDevelop a lot more.
  • kapps11kapps11 Posts: 732Registered Users @ @ @
    Well starting in CS5 i think adobe offered a feature where you could create an iphone app in flash and then it would export it to a native obj-c app for you so that sounds like what you want. With regards to AS3 being more straightforward, it definitely does wayyyyy more "behind your back" than a lower level language like obj-c does. It does so much that you dont even realize it lol
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