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Callback not being called?

rebello95rebello95 Posts: 276Registered Users @ @
edited July 2013 in iOS SDK Development
Hello! I'm working on integrating Google Calendar into my app. I compiled a sample project which built fine and ran ok. However, when I try to migrate some of the source files into my project and run, some of the callbacks don't get called and the calendar doesn't load. The bottom line is I can't figure out why it's not getting called. The two methods are below. Thanks!
- (void)refresh {
  // Note: The next call returns a ticket, that could be used to cancel the current request if the user chose to abort early.
  // However since I didn't expose such a capability to the user, I don't even assign it to a variable.
    NSLog(@"refresh Called");

    [data removeAllObjects];
    //Set current date
    currentDate = CFAbsoluteTimeGetGregorianDate(CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent(), CFTimeZoneCopySystem());

    [googleCalendarService fetchCalendarFeedForUsername:[PNDAppDelegate appDelegate].username
                                    didFinishSelector:@selector( calendarsTicket:finishedWithFeed:error: )];
    NSLog(@"%@", [PNDAppDelegate appDelegate].username);

- (void)calendarsTicket:(GDataServiceTicket *)ticket finishedWithFeed:(GDataFeedCalendar *)feed error:(NSError *)error{
    NSLog(@"calendarsTicket: Called");

  if( !error ){
    int count = [[feed entries] count];
    for( int i=0; i<count; i++ ){
      GDataEntryCalendar *calendar = [[feed entries] objectAtIndex:i];
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