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iPhone App with text field and output of info. Help, it's urgent.

Gipek992Gipek992 Posts: 5New Users
edited February 2013 in iPhone SDK Development
I am new to the iOS. I need to create an App that entering into two text fields (1 and 2) two different codes (A and AA), give me an output in a label.

in the first text field you must enter a code A, which corresponds to a single code (AA). I want once you click the OK button, the app compares the code in between those in it and in case of mismatch gives an error message in the label or allert (such as a switch in C). In the case A is a code present, pass to compare the code A to AA (such as a IF in C). In the case of non-correspondence gives an error message in label or allert. In case of a match just give a "messageA" assigned to the combination of codes A and AA in label1( such as a PRINT in C).

In my app there are about 1000 codes of type A which correspond to 1000 codes AA. For each combination corresponds to a "messageA".

Example1 (exact match)

text field 1) John
text field 2) 85671

press OK

label1) blah blah blah

Example2 (exact match)

text field 1) Mark
text field 2) 98435

press OK

label1) bujd fuvhdchu udchuhcdjckd

Example3 (not exact match)

text field 1) Mark
text field 2) 15482

press OK

allert) Error text field 2

Example4 (Sean does not exist)

text field 1) Sean
text field 2) 45328

press OK

allert) Error text field 1

P.S. i use xcode 4

and sorry for my english :)
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