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Localizing your app listing...

gpraysmangpraysman BostonPosts: 9New Users
I'm looking to localize my app listing to 3 or 4 of the major int'l markets that it's ranking in. Has anyone used an agency/firm for this before that they would be willing to recommend? I'm specifically looking for firms that specialize in doing listings for the Apple AppStore (i.e. understand keyword translations and popular search term translation; NOT a run-of-the-mill run it through a translator kind of place).

Also, any insight on what a fair price for something like this is, would be much appreciated.


  • DMCY22DMCY22 Menlo ParkPosts: 1New Users
    Hi, check out e2f translations. They've done a lot app localization and they're on Apple’s third-party vendors list.

    I'm unsure about their pricing, but you could get in touch with them and ask for a quote.

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