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In-App Purchases (IAP) - Non-autorenew subscription - Cross Platform

WarblrWarblr Posts: 178Registered Users @ @
I'm currently working on a new application (let's call it BBQ King) that will allow users to purchase an IAP unlocking premium content. The IAP will be a subscription. I have a back end server where the user will be saved so if necessary I could collect info about the premium content being 'unlocked' and when it will expire.

(1) Is this possible using IAP if you are working cross platform (i.e., also on Android)? For example, if a user buys the IAP on iOS, can I then unlock this content on an Android device, and vice-versa (purchased on Android, then unlocked for free on iOS). Obviously this will require the back end server.

(2) Is Apple OK with this scenario: User A buys IAP on their device unlocking premium content for their account (both their BBQ King account and their iTunes account). Then they log out of their BBQ King account. Then on User A's device, User B tries to access the same premium content using their BBQ King account, but when they do so my servers show that User B has not paid for this premium content. So User B gets a UIAlertView saying something to the extent of, "this user has not purchased this content." The issue here is that User A has paid for this content on their device (with their iTunes account), and now it's not working because they're trying to access it via a different BBQ King account. However, it would work again if they used the original BBQ King account they made the IAP with.

Sorry, I know that is a bit convoluted - I'm happy to explain further.

Any thoughts, or insight on this process (even if unrelated to my questions) is very much appreciated.

Thank you!
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