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Hide keyboard in UITableView

obaidjawadobaidjawad Posts: 181Registered Users @ @
I have an UITableView which is editable, and one of the row has the functionality of going to another navigationcontroller View, so before I go the another view I'm doing [self.tableview reloadData]; which we usually use to hide the keyboard. But this is not working. What could be the problem or is there any other way to hide the keyboard.

UItableview is the customTableView which is inherited from another ViewController.


  • ebender001ebender001 MissouriPosts: 173Registered Users @ @
    If you mean that one of the tableview cells contains a UITextField and that UITextField is editing, and then you push to another view controller, why not just resignFirstResponder as part of the didSelectTableViewCell... or prepareForSegue?
  • obaidjawadobaidjawad Posts: 181Registered Users @ @
    The problem was i have disable the userInteractionEnable=NO, if I'm going to another view controller to resign the keyboard.
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