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Help Needed! Random Sequence Of Image Changes

jcdevelopmentsjcdevelopments Posts: 143Registered Users @ @
edited May 2014 in iOS SDK Development

Im in the middle of developing a new game and one of the levels is a memory game were the user watches a sequence of shapes change colour then the user has to replicate the order/ sequence once its done.

I honestly do not know the best way to tackle this one or were to start.



  • smithdale87smithdale87 Posts: 4,447iPhone Dev SDK Supporter @ @ @ @ @
    You just need to start by modeling what a single "step" in your sequence is - such as shape, color, order. Create an object that contains this information.

    Then, you generate list of these "steps" that you will iterate through and act upon by showing the user to remember. Store them in an NSArray or something.

    After that, the user will need to try and reproduce the steps, so you just take his/her input and generate another list of these "steps". Store these in an NSArray or something.

    Finally, it's just a matter of comparing your originally generated sequence of steps to the user's remembered list of steps.
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