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Store variable and Run loop when the game is over

julthebaberjulthebaber CanadaPosts: 37New Users @
I have made a simple game just to test my knowledge(Similar to flappy bird). When the game is over i'd like to run a loop. The loop would make the bird go down from is current Y position to the Y position i choosed which is 514(to simulate the bird falling down and hitting the ground). This is my GameOver method:

if (ScoreNumber > HighScoreNumber) {
    [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setInteger:ScoreNumber forKey:@"HighScoreSaved"];

[TunnelMovement invalidate];
[BirdMovement invalidate];

Exit.hidden = NO;
TunnelTop.hidden = YES;
TunnelBottom.hidden =YES;
Bird.hidden = YES;


So i'd like to save the current Y position of the bird. Store that variable and run a loop that would make it go from the current y position to the y position 514. Could someone guide me through that process? Thanks
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