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Reset view by clicking a button

julthebaberjulthebaber CanadaPosts: 37New Users @
I have 2 UIViews. One is the main menu the second one is the actual game. When it's game over, a Retry button appear, i want the button to reset the UIView so the game can start over. Right now i have the "Retry" button connected to the main menu but i don't like the fact that you gotta go by the main menu to retry. I tried adding this line of code"
[GameViewController.view setNeedsDisplay]

In my "GameOver" method but i had an error pointed to the .view and it said "property view not found on object of type GameViewController".


  • smithdale87smithdale87 Posts: 4,447iPhone Dev SDK Supporter @ @ @ @ @
    Just from the single line of code that you posted, it sounds like you're in way over your head already.
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