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Storyboard changes not updating in simulator

JeramyJeramy United StatesPosts: 1New Users Noob
I am very new at Xcode programming and have been working through a tutorial provided by apple. I has a classic hello world program and it switches to an to do list program. I will provide the address for the tutorial at the end.

The tutorial instructed for me to remove the "Hello world" label and enter in a text field box. Everything looked great, but when I clicked on simulator it still only contained the label "Hello World" instead of the changes I had made.

I did some research on the internet and found some information about resolving layout issues. I removed all constraints and used the command for new constraints to be auto built. Unfortunately, this approach did not work ether.

I also tried deleting the app from the simulator and re-ran the app and this also did not show the new display.

Does anyone else have any advice on what I am missing.

Xcode Version: 5.1.1
IOS Simulator Version: 7.1

Link to Tutorial:

Thank you for your time,


  • C6Silver05C6Silver05 SeattlePosts: 632New Users @ @ @
    It's very hard to say without seeing it. What you are describing is very easy to do in Xcode and it does not sound like a layout issue. Do you have a screenshot of the SB?
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