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Options for "More Apps" page on non-game app?

billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @

I have been developing iOS games and use Chartboost "More Apps" feature to showcase my other games. Recently I am working on a non-game app and want to have a similar screen to show my apps. The problem is Chartboost is for games and also since I don't plan to show ads on that app, I don't want to integrate Chartboost just for that "More Apps".

At the moment I am using the openURL method to open an iTunes link with my publisher Id as the parameter. It's less than ideal as it will quit my app and open the App Store.

Before I venture into the App Store Search API, I just wonder if there is any ready made component which would accept a publisher ID, crawl the App Store, and display the result nicely, say in a UITableView?




  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    I guess I'm missing something.

    Once you do all that, and you have it in a table view, doesn't the cell's method take you out of the app and into the App Store?

    As for what you're trying to do, you could roll your own. Either scrape the stuff from your website, assuming it lists your apps with the detail needed...

    Or scrape iTunes using your publisher ID. The simplest presentation for each cell would the Icon and title.

    For an Interstitial, you can increase the detail as needed...
  • billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @
    You aren't missing anything. :)

    Yes if he click the cell, it will bring him out of the app to the App Store. Yet at least he is interested in that app (otherwise he won't click) and so it's fine. What I don't want is to bring him out of the app if he is not interested at all.

    Sure I can use the App Store Search API to do it myself - but just want to know if any one has done it so that I don't need to re-invent the wheel or in three words: I am lazy. ;)
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